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Ensuring sufficient management of an IT infrastructure could be a daunting task without the necessary process and functions.  Systems Management contains a number of crucial ITIL Best Practices which safeguard any business critical IT Processes. 

As a business grows so does its IT requirements, which could be daunting to manage in-house, especially is the expertise is not present within your organization.  A Systems Management solution works hand-in-hand with the company to analyze what processes are crucial to its everyday survival and also what is needs to keep those processes afloat.


How It Works

Systems Management includes a number of crucial tasks which AddOne IT Services would cover when purchasing a hosted service.  This service helps users host web content on a state of the art IT infrastructure without the headache of configuring and managing the said infrastructure on a daily basis.  We handle the following tasks so that you don't have to:

  • Asset Management:
    • Hardware asset inventory: we take care of the physical hardware and configuration, firmware, operating systems and any related licenses.
    • Software asset inventory: this includes any required versioning, patching and licensing of required software.
  • Resource Management: Various ITIL recommended processes are used to ensure efficient software usage and management.  These processes are:
    • Demand Management
    • Capacity Management
    • & Availability Management
  • Information Security Management: On this end we manage anti-virus and malware protection, including regular virus definition updates.  This also includes SSL certificate protection, network and server segregation, amongst various others.
  • IT Service Continuity Management: Automated backups are the keystone of this service to put a consumers mind at rest that they are covered against any odds of disruption of their product or service.
  • Service Desk: we handle any issues that might occur through a managed service desk function using Problem and Incident Management in order to efficiently get your system running at a 110% again.

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