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Android banking and payment malware on the rise

Date: 14 7月 2014

Android banking and payment malware on the rise

Following up on a previous blog entry regarding the targeting of cryptolocker ransomware on mobile devices, a new report by Cheetah Mobile shows that the number of infected mobile devices worldwide is on the rise, particularly in the month of June.

This type of malware basically targets mobile banking and payment software on mobile devices with the aim to extort money from users by hijacking personal information and spoofing bank sites or apps to trick victims into practically giving up personal data.

  • The number of daily Android users infected has increased from approximately 11,000 to nearly 17,000 between May 16th and June 15th.
  • Throughout June, more then a 100 different countries have been infected, namely 61,366 in Vietnam, 20,476 in Russia and 19,667 in Taiwan.