Consultancy & Training

Are you considering deploying part or your entire IT infrastructure in the cloud? Do you wish to avoid the pitfalls and possible costly mistakes in design and implementation? Our cloud consultancy and training services are designed to ensure that your cloud strategy will deliver the desired business benefits.

Cloud Strategy Development

Ensure business success by linking your cloud strategy to your overall business strategy. We'll support you in assessing you cloud readiness, defining the ideal cloud application portfolio, and planning on how to achieve your goals as efficiently and effectively as possible.


Making the right decisions when designing your cloud infrastructure is crucial in ensuring the success and financial viability of your cloud. We'll help you choosing the right cloud type, selecting the appropriate vendor / provider, designing your infrastructure and services as well as ensuring that you infrastructure and data is secure.


Migrating business-critical data and applications into the cloud poses a number of challenges. We'll support you in planning your migration process, from preliminary testing to final go live, and if required also provide hands-on technical support  during the actual migration.


Get the maximum benefits from your cloud migration by adopting best practices. We'll support and train your technical staff in setting up best practice procedures for monitoring and maintaining your cloud healthy. Additionally, we will be able to assist you in increasing the efficiency of your IT operations by assisting in the automation of routine administrative tasks.