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BusinessNavi - Plug-and-Play Business Intelligence Infrastructure

Obtaining correct, consistent and comprehensive information on the performance from internal information sources remains a key challenge for most organisations.

Our comprehensive Business Intelligence (BI) - BusinessNavi , provides you with the right applications and technologies to make informed decisions.  BusinessNavi help you develop a consistent, information-based approach to implementing the right strategies that grow your business intelligently and profitably.

Developed using the operation experience of senior corporate executives, the web based hosted solutions allows you to rapidly benefit from an enterprise grade business intelligence  infrastructure, without the need to commit to significant up-front investment in equipment and know-how.

Key Features

Ready-to-go BI Solution powered by IBM Cognos Suite

Built on the market leading IBM Cognos BI suite, BusinessNavi offers of predefined management reports to measure and analyse company performance, including sales management, financial consolidation, planning, budgeting and forecasting systems.  Volumes of raw data from your companies' operations are transformed into ready-made reports that equip you with timely analysis.  The software gives you also the possibility to access multiple layers of information in greater detail according to your requirements.

Rapid integration with internal systems and consolidation of information

Add One's Business Intelligence solutions can also consolidate and integrate information from different operating systems at your satellite offices into one manageable reporting system.  Data can be automatically extracted from your locally hosted system, encrypted and sent via email to AddOne's database.  Data is then analysed and presented to you in consolidated form on a regular basis.

Accessible from anywhere at anytime

Since the service is entirely web based, deployment of the system across your staff, including those in remote offices, is easy. The data can be accessed from any internet enabled device, be it a PC, Table or mobile. 

Modular components that can be rapidly deployed

BusinessNavi is a solution modular consisting of following components:

  • BusinessNavi  Warehouse and Connect (Base)
  • BusinessNavi Sales
  • BusinessNavi Finance
  • BusinessNavi Procurement

Deployment of each of these modules on our hosted platform – including regular daily updates of customer data – is possible in as little as 5 days.

Customisable to your requirements

Together with our partners Accelerate IT Consulting GmbH, IBM certified business intelligence consultants can assist you in customising the application to your specific information requirements.


All our clients' data is stored in separate database at our state-of-the-art data centre on secure servers.   Access to stored data is strictly limited to our authorised BI advisors who are bound by confidentiality agreements.

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