Virtual Workspace

Key Features

Desktop access from anywhere at any time

Powered by Citrix Xenapp, applications can be accessed by web browser or desktop via an Internet connection or on a mobile device (through over the air connection). You can work from anywhere using the device of your choice. 

Wide support form End-User Devices

Using CITRIX™ HDX delivery infrastructure, Virtual Workspace allows for a seamless delivery with a similar software performance to applications installed locally on your computer system. Clients supported include, Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and IOS powered devices. Due to the low resource requirements on end user devices, older PC can continue to be used as end user clients.

Monthly Subscription Based Pricing

No need to invest in buying expensive software licenses. No need to pay additional fees for software upgrades. No more wasting additional time and resources in installing software on different desktops. All users in your organisation can use the latest versions on our Virtual Workspace for one affordable monthly fee. 

All data stored centrally but accessible

Through our Virtual Workspace there is no need to save your files on different portable drives in order to take them with you from one place to another. Through our Secure Servers all your data is held in one secure place, updated, accessible and synchronised. Whether you are working in your office, from home, or abroad, click on your Virtual Workspace from any Internet enabled device and all your data is at your fingertips wherever you go. 

Reduced IT maintenance costs

Employees in your organisation who work in different locations can have access to your tailored applications and share information files without requiring additional costs to install and maintain a network system. Using our web-based Virtual Workspace opens new possibilities in maximising on your human resources. Employees can easily work from home or from different locations and easily access all your company applications wherever they are, without putting your data at risk.

Secure by design

Since only the desktop image is transmitted no data is actually stored on end-user devices. All your applications and data files are securely kept at our Data Centre and not on individual PCs. Confidential business information is protected with advanced security features when accessing smart phones, laptops and computers. Data transfer over the Internet is guaranteed using the latest technological developments in encrypted image transfer. Your information remains secure and inaccessible to third parties.

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