Services Overview

Our solutions allow our clients to focus their resources on the generation of value from their core business as well as providing them with the opportunity to develop new revenue streams with significantly reduced financial risk.

We achieve this by:
  • Reducing the resources the client has to dedicate to the routine management of their IT operations
  • By taking over the non-core IT management from your internal resources, our customers can focus their full attention on their core activities.
  • Variablising the cost of IT investment
  • Our service re mainly based on susbcirption or leasing models. By eliminating  large upfront investments in hardware and rigid licensing models, our customers only pay for what they use with the added flexibility of increasing or reducing their IT capacity as their business required.
  • Reducing the lead time for the adoption of new technologies
  • Our solutions are provided by expert in the field. Our customers can hence benefit from the benefit from our knowledge and expertise without having to build up the know-how in-house. The time to deploy new solutions / technology is hence significantly shortened.
  • Enabling the company to redesign their internal processes to develop new products and services
  • Our solutions are designed to be flexible and modular. We can therefore provide our customers with the ability to provide new cloud based solutions to their own customers without having to deal with the underlying day-to-day IT operations.

Our service offering may be divided into following categories:

System Management

Our system management services are focused on ensuring that your IT infrastructure is secure and capable of delivering to the required service level to achieve your business objectives.

Managed Services

Our managed services allow our clients to out-source all or part of their IT operations to us thereby allowing them to focus their resources on their core business. Our managed service offering include: • Application Support • System management • Backup and disaster recovery

Application Support

AddOne IT Services offers on-going support for numerous applications from our Partners throughout the whole ITIL framework lifecycle from Service Strategy to Service Operation, including Continual Service Improvement (CSI).