Cloud Strategy Development

Ensure business success by linking your cloud strategy to your overall business strategy. We'll support you in assessing you cloud readiness, defining the ideal cloud application portfolio, and planning on how to achieve your goals as efficiently and effectively as possible.


Making the right decisions when designing your cloud infrastructure is crucial in ensuring the success and financial viability of your cloud. We'll help you choosing the right cloud type, selecting the appropriate vendor / provider, designing your infrastructure and services as well as ensuring that you infrastructure and data is secure.


Migrating business-critical data and applications into the cloud poses a number of challenges. We'll support you in planning your migration process, from preliminary testing to final go live, and if required also provide hands-on technical support  during the actual migration.


Get the maximum benefits from your cloud migration by adopting best practices. We'll support and train your technical staff in setting up best practice procedures for monitoring and maintaining your cloud healthy. Additionally, we will be able to assist you in increasing the efficiency of your IT operations by assisting in the automation of routine administrative tasks.


Addone IT Services


AddOne is a managed services provider specialising in the design, implementation and ongoing delivery of cloud based business solutions.

Founded in 2006, AddOne is a joint venture between two Advisory firms - the EMCS Group, Malta and Accelerate C&M GmbH, Germany. The two founding members bring together in excess of 25 years of experience in the business advisory and information systems field.

The company was fully acquired by Grant Thornton Malta in 2015.

Our mission is to provide affordable, comprehensive and highly reliable information systems solutions to small and medium-sized enterprises.

Our Approach

Our approach in dealing with our customers is based on the following four guiding principles:

One size does not fit all: We firmly believe that the requirements of each ouf our customers are different that can be addressed with on solutions. Our service offering is hence customised to the specific needs, requirement and budget, based on an initial needs assessment.

Focus on your competencies: We believe that we can serve our customers by focusing on what we do best. We therefore focus on our core business and work with best of breed suppliers in the IT industry to provide a comprehensive and most cost-effective solution. Implementation and customisation of specific applications provided by by our service partners who specialise in the respective applications.

Building lasting business relationships based on trust: We believe that the success of any business depends on building lasting business mutually beneficial relationships with their customers and suppliers. This can only be achieved if the relationship is based on trust which is earned through professionalism, integrity and dependability.

Deliver on time and as promised: To earn the trust of our customers and suppliers we have to be delivered on-time and to the level agreed with our customers.

Our Clients

Our client portfolio reflects the broad applicability of solutions, ranging from small start-ups to large enterprises with operations spread around the world. Our clients are principally based in Germany, the UK and Malta, operating is the following industry sectors:

  • Automotive component
  • Professional services (Legal, HR, payroll, advisory)
  • Manufacturing
  • Financial Services
  • Software development

AddOne also addresses the needs of IT professionals in medium enterprises by providing additional software tools and server space as required to complement their existing infrastructure.

The company's team of expert system engineers and business consultants can also help IT consultants and business advisors to grow their business profitably by using a comprehensive portfolio of business solutions for their own client base.